[xep-support] Re: Full page background image on each page

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Date: Wed May 23 2012 - 11:40:46 PDT

I may be missing something but this works fine … it is the typical structure created by VisualXSL when importing backgrounds.


<fo:region-before extent="792pt" region-name="header-any" background-image="url(‘watermark.pdf’)"/> <!—extent is whatever you page height is -->



Another technique would be to modify the intermediate format to insert such an image as the start of each <page> element. We use this technique all the time when doing something like bookfolding, where an 8.5”x11” document is rendered as an 11x17 document with pages like (4,1),(2,3) (duplex print folded book). We just modify the XEP Intermediate format in a simple transform to combine pages (i.e copy content for page 4 and 1 into a new pages) and add a background 11x17 PDF that is for the book page.


Kevin Brown



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We need to have a background image that is effectively a full page watermark that needs to appear on each page.
The document also has headers so we can't use background-image as this swill only apply to the current region (will not extend to the header).
One solution that almost works is to use an absolutely positioned block-container with the image in the region after - this ensures that the image will appear on each page and covers all regions. The issue with this approach is that we cannot seem to get the image to appear under the region-body content even with the z-index on the block-container set to -1.
Any ideas on how to handle this type of scenario without having to carve up the background image?


Justin Lipton



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