[xep-support] Re: Problem with rx:table-omit-initial-header="true"

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Date: Thu Feb 16 2012 - 12:56:41 PST

Great to hear all is working. And the name really says it all ..
omit-initial-header . so it just drops the first one that would be placed on
a table. So you put what you want as the initial header in the first row(s)
and voila, you can have a different "first header" (which is not really a
header at all, it is part of the body) .


Kevin Brown



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Alas, you are correct. When I inspected the use case, I neglected to see
that the developer must duplicate the header rows at the start of the table
body. When the FO has the required changes to the table and the headers, but
does not duplicate the headers at the start of the body, you see the
behavior I described.


I noticed that the XSL must remember to set keep-with-next on the header
row(s) in the body or they can get orphaned.


Thank you for the insight and I apologies for the false alarm.


Best regards,





From: Kevin Brown [mailto:kevin@renderx.com]
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Subject: RE: [xep-support] Problem with rx:table-omit-initial-header="true"

And a sample attached showing that it works as expected and not as you have
written. Please examine this sample. And again, send us the FO if you cannot
find the error in what you are doing.


Kevin Brown



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Subject: [xep-support] Problem with rx:table-omit-initial-header="true"




We're trying to leverage the rx:table-omit-initial-header attribute to
provide a running title for a table when that table spans multiple pages.
The working sample on the http://www.renderx.com/usecasestest.html page
shows that rx:table-omit-initial-header="true" is supposed to omit the first
fo:table-row in the fo:table-header region at the start of the table and
include all table-header rows if the table spans a page break. We can't seem
to make the rx:table-omit-initial-header attribute work as advertised.


As outlined on the http://www.renderx.com/usecasestest.html page, we've
adjusted our xsl to do the following:

- If there's a title on the table, set rx:table-omit-initial-header="true"
on the fo:table element, otherwise, set it to "false".

- Add the table title in an additional fo:table-row in the fo:table-header
region before the other table header row(s).


In the output, every table that had rx:table-omit-initial-header="true"
renders without _any_ of the table header rows at the start of the table
(this is a bad thing). We expected it to omit the first header row, not all
of them! If the table spans a page break, all the table header rows,
including the running title, appear at the top of the next page (this is
working as desired).


We have dissected our input FO file and are confident that the input
structure is as described in the use case.


We are using XEP version 4.19, build 20110414. Please advise regarding a
possible patch or workaround. Thank you for your help.


Best regards,


Paul Anderson

Information Developer - Codex Administrator

Compuware Corporation - +1-313-227-2031




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