[xep-support] possible issue with keep-with-next on table-row

From: Daniel S. Reed <dan.reed@wrycan.com>
Date: Mon Jan 30 2012 - 17:41:15 PST

Preface: I am using XEP 4.19 (I have developer version with XEP marks on
each page, client has full version)

I have been attempting to apply logic to a table that is rendered in a
two column layout. The logic would:

1. keep the first and second rows in the same columns (always)
2. keep the second-to-last and last rows together in the same column

The sample I have been working from is client content that has a two
column page master that has text in the first column, the start of a
table at the end of the first column, the remainder of the table in the
second column, and some text to fill out the rest of the second column.

The table/table row code looks essentially like:


This works, as I believe it should. I then tested this code against an
example in the actual BOOK which was used as the example of why the
logic above should be applied, and it did not work. The first row is
orphaned in the first column (in the example in the source content).

The difference I could find is that after the table and the rest of the
para text, there is a switch to ONE COLUMN layout using the
rx:flow-section element.

So, something like:
<fo:block> //this is a section
<fo:block>...some text.....</fo:block>
<fo:block> ... rest of text for section .... </fo:block>
<rx:flow-section> //one column layout

If I remove the rx:flow-section from the FO by hand and rerun the
example, the logic for keep-with-next works as I expect. I was able to
add a "<fo:block> </fo:block> between the section block and the
rx:flow-section and this has it working as expected... but I wondered if
there was something about the flow-section that is taking precedence
over my keep-with-next.

(please note, I also tried using keep-with-previous on the 2nd row and
keep-with-next on the 2nd to last row just to be sure)

I can ask the client if I can release a snippit of their content/FO, but
if I do, I would like to do so directly to an XEP engineer.

Thank you in advance.


Daniel Reed
Founder/Managing Director
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