[xep-support] Hyphenation issue with secondary language

From: Kuramayya Konna <kurkonna@in.ibm.com>
Date: Thu Mar 22 2012 - 01:24:47 PST

Hi Team,

            How to wrap a long text in a table cell,that contains no space
in it and avoid kerning negative(squeezing of text).The particular
document where we are facing this problem ,has two language text,where the
primary language (Russian in this case)gets hyphenated as expected as its
language code matches with the hyphenation file(ruhyphal.tex) in
configuration file(xep.xml),whereas the secondary language (English in this
case) is not getting hyphenated (Hyphenation for secondary language cant be
implemented as there is no way to find out the secondary language code to
map respective hyphenation fine in configuration file that will come in a
document) and is getting squeezed/overwritten in the cell.

Please suggest a solution,where we can wrap the long text without space and
make it readable.

Thanks and regards


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