[xep-support] Re: Visible PDF annotation icons with XEP v.4.19?

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Date: Thu Feb 16 2012 - 11:07:53 PST


Well that is the rub. Many users want annotations from source PDFs carried
into destination PDFs.

The issue is that those annotations are in that PDF. If you crack open that
PDF and change CropBox and MediaBox:

/CropBox [0 0 122.1 51.5]
/MediaBox [0 0 122.1 51.5]


/CropBox [-30 0 122.1 51.5]
/MediaBox [-30 0 122.1 51.5]

Open the PDF, you will see them exactly as they appear in RenderX output.
Have you tried setting the annotations to some invisible property in the
source PDFs? So your question:

> How can I get rid of these annotations in the resulting pdf without
removing the annotations from the incoming PDFs

We could not do it without custom programming of the PDF backend to add some
option in PDF generator to strip annotations of incoming PDFs used as image
content. Creating an option to the generator because we have (more) users
that want them maintained. Note that this is more complex than you think,
because the change in PDF handling between 4.18 and 4.19 is much larger than
just annotations. I was changed to bring across many other elements in
source PDFs like Acroforms and such. It requires parsing of the input stream
PDF through all of the objects and dropping only /Annot and all references
to them.

I would note that effectively, this would be no different to stripping the
annotations out of the incoming PDFs using some custom program to preprocess
the PDFs. Additionally, if you run this on 4.18 and 4.19 you would see s
significant differential in time to process. This is because of that PDF
dictionary parsing. I would highly consider stripping them in some process
beforehand and not "on the fly".

I am not sure what the effects are, but you could also consider running 4.19
in server to compose XEP Intermediate Format and then feed that output to a
4.18 server backend for just PDF output. You would still miss any 4.19 PDF
enhancements, and I am sure you may use some of those.

Kevin Brown

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If we use <fo:external-graphics src="url('PDFFILENAME')"/> we recognized
that XEP version 4.19 shows PDF annotation icons in the resulting PDF.

With XEP version 4.18 this "feature" wasn't there.

How can I get rid of these annotations in the resulting pdf without removing
the annotations from the incoming PDFs

In attachment you will find one fo-file and three resulting PDF files of
version 4.15, 4.18 and 4.19

Please advise regarding a possible patch or workaround.
Thank you for your help.

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