[xep-support] Unexpected behavior of Special character with Latin and Hebrew language text

From: Chander Swami <chander.prakash@in.ibm.com>
Date: Tue Jan 24 2012 - 23:15:25 PST

Hi RenderX Team,

There is an unexpected behavior in the output when there is a mix of
latin, hebrew and special characters other than slash /,where the input is
provided through a java enabled field with RTL as the writing direction.

Text writing sequence: English Text - > Special Character -> Hebrew Text -
> Special Character -> English Text
Text from Open Office:

XEP Rendered Output:

Here positioning of $,# and % different from / character.
Above output is generated using new patch(#23454) provided by your support
team where the team provided a solution for the slash / character.
And this issue is not specific to mentioned special characters, there can
be more.
Same text is tested with other Text Editors also (i.e. Symphony,MS Word) ,
where we get the expected output.

Do you have a recommended approach to solve this on the XEP side as you
did for the slash character?

Thanks & Regards
Chander Prakash Swami
IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
Phone : +91-(40)-66954374 Ext:54374


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