[xep-support] Re: Dutch hyphenation exception

From: Leen Smits <Leen.Smits@infor.com>
Date: Mon Dec 19 2011 - 08:00:02 PST

Hi Michael,

I use exactly the same version (according the bytes, and version info) (see attached file)
We currently use the version as installed together with XMetal 6.1
4.12 build 20080425, so I tried to use the latest version 4.19-20110414, and...

In my output, even with the latest version it is still hyphenated wrong:

We use "nl-NL" as language attribute value and also have this in the xep.xml configuration.
In xep.xml:
<languages default-language="en-US" xml:base="hyphen/">
   <language name="Dutch" codes="nl nl-NL">
      <hyphenation pattern="hyph-nl-cpan.tex" encoding="utf-8"/>

Default for Dutch, there is no hyphenation. (Do you see other words being hyphenated?)

Attached the topic5.fo which is a stripped version of the output document and the topic.png which was an included icon to maintain the exact identical line width.

>From a legal perspective, do you know if each XMetal user can upgrade their (included) copy of renderx XEP to the latest version?



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On 12/12/2011 11:53 AM, Leen Smits wrote:
> Wrong: ge-
> ëxporteerd

Hi Leen,

I could not reproduce this issue. In my case I just cannot get this word hyphenated at this place. I am attaching my FO file and the PDF.

> I checked the used tex hyphenation file but there are no diaeresis
> examples at all in this file.

Which file are you using? I use hyph-nl.tex found at /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/generic/hyph-utf8/patterns/hyph-nl.tex
after I installed a package called 'texlive-lang-all' in Ubuntu Natty.
My hyph-nl.tex is 89613 bytes long, and says
   % VERSION: 1.1 (November 1996) Copyright changed March 2000
   % AUTHOR: Piet Tutelaers P.T.H.Tutelaers@tue.nl near the end of the first comments section.
MD5(hyph-nl.tex)= bacc9085db45242d0c6641a44cc028a4

Are you sure you do not forget to set language="nl" and register the correct hyphenation file in xep.xml?

Michael Sulyaev


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