[xep-support] Dutch hyphenation exception

From: Leen Smits <Leen.Smits@infor.com>
Date: Sun Dec 11 2011 - 23:53:30 PST


XEP uses the (CTAN) Tex hyphenation patterns which works well in general. We found a tiny hyphenation problem which I like to share:

The Dutch word for "exported": geŽxporteerd gets a "trema/diaeresis" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trema_%28diacritic%29 as a marker that the sound is shifted. But if this word is hyphenated, the sound shift is not required anymore and looks stupid.

Right: geŽxporteerd
Wrong: ge-
Right: ge-

I checked the used tex hyphenation file but there are no diaeresis examples at all in this file. The easiest would be to "discourage" hyphenation near diaeresis, because I think change the characters from Ž to e

There are more examples of adding/removing diaeresis when hyphenating.
The next one is an example of the way back:

Right: cafeetje
Wrong: cafee-
Wrong: cafe-
Right: cafť-

Currently this is just an exceptional example because we don't use this "little pub" in our technical communication :).

The first example was from a translation.



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