[xep-support] bleeds and crops with XEP

From: Daniel Reed <danreed121@gmail.com>
Date: Sat Jun 11 2011 - 12:36:54 PDT

I have reviewed the bleed and crop mark XEP PI documentation and I want to
make sure I am not missing anything.

It appears it still doesn't work quite the way I would expect it to work
(and the others have expected it to work given the support emails I have
read), but I *hope* and wrong.

I have created my page layout, and I have built in a $bleed of 1/8 in. What
I need is for crop marks to be placed 1/8" inch in from the outer egde of my
page region, and the reason I need that is because of the bleed and the fact
that my background colors/images have all been extended out by my bleed

So, when I place the crop marks, there doesn't seem to be anyway to place
then "in" from the outer most edge by the amount of my bleed. If I use 1/8"
as my bleed:


This does not have the desired result.

Is there a way to create marks (crop of otherwise, but ultimately they would
be used to cropping) that would be placed a distance equal to my bleed in
from the edge of the page region?

I know that I could use the start/end/before/after regions and create
tables/etc.. but the requirement I have for the design is too complex, I
need to use those regions for actual content.



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