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From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
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It appears to me that you are referencing the same font (subfont=1" as
default). If Menlo is a TTC, what are the subfont positions within that TTC
that represent the fonts you desire? You should add the attribute
subfont="#" for all of these matching the font face/style to the proper
subfont number.


For example: IF Menlo Italic is subfont 2, then add that attribute <font
style="italic"><font-data ttc="Menlo.ttc" subfont="2"/></font> .


I am not sure though as I would have suspected that the font Menlo was
constructed as :


Normal = 1

Italic = 2

Bold = 3

Bold-Italic = 4


And you would be getting Normal for all other text and bold for normal
because you specified "3" for that one. Please test the above and let me
know if this works for you.


Kevin Brown



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I am unable to get my monospaced font to render in bold, italic, or bold
italic in my PDF files. The base font shows fine.


I have the following in my xep.xml file


<font-group label="TrueType" embed="true" subset="true">

      <font-family name="Menlo">

                        <font><font-data ttc="Menlo.ttc"

                        <font style="italic"><font-data ttc="Menlo.ttc"

                        <font weight="bold"><font-data

                        <font style="bold italic"><font-data




and the following mappings: (The color is simply a highlight for testing
purposes, so I know where this font is being applied.)


<fo:inline font-family="Menlo" font-size="9pt" font-weight="bold"
color="green" linefeed-treatment="preserve" white-space-treatment="preserve"


I have tried using both font-weight="bold" and font-style="bold", with no


Is there something I'm missing? Any ideas of what else I might try.


Thanks in advance.




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