[xep-support] XEP API documentation or Javadoc

From: Eric J. Schwarzenbach <Eric.Schwarzenbach@wrycan.com>
Date: Wed May 25 2011 - 19:59:41 PDT

So where does one find the XEP Java API documentation these days?
Searching the list archives, I see past messages where those looking for
Javadoc were told that the Programmer's Guide, in the form of
applications.html, was the equivalent, however I don't see any such file
in the latest download, or any file that mentions FormatterImpl other
than the vague reference to an added parameter in the WhatsNew.txt. Is
there some other package I have to request like the Integration Kit or

BTW, is it intentional that RenderX discourages direct use of its Java
API, by making information about it hard to find? More than once we've
come into contact with projects where the developers were doing awkward
things like calling out to the command line to run XEP from Java code
because they simply didn't know about it.




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