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From: Ruiter, Vincent de <Vincent.Ruiterde@ocwduo.nl>
Date: Sun May 08 2011 - 23:43:30 PDT


We have exactly the same problem as Alexander, the old version of XEPWin (2..2) works fine but version 3.0 failes with a 'not enough memory to format' exception. I have checked Alexander's theory that XEPWin does not transfer the memory configuration properties to the Java Virtual Machine. Alexander is right, the CliserService logfile contains the full command that is used to start the JVM. The command does not contain the memory options. I also checked the IL code using ILDASM and the software does read the value from the config file but is does not transfer the values to the virtual machine.

There is no other option for setting the memory settings so we have to wait for a XEPWin update which does transfer the memory settings to the JVM.

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Onderwerp: [xep-support] not enough memory to format (Java heap size)

I have tested old build XEPWin Version 4.18 build 20100322.
In file CliserService.exe.config I added string:
<add key="CliserService.JavaOptions" value="-Xms512M -Xmx756M" />
After that the process ended successfully.

Please note, old version have parameter name="CliserService.JavaOptions", but last version "JAVA-OPTIONS".
May be new version CliserService don't transfer JAVA-OPTIONS to JVM ?

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I have question concerning Java heap size setting for XEPWin. For some big
xml documents (about 7Mb source .xml, and 20Mb .fo file, 500 pages) I get
the error "not enough memory to format".
I have edited .config file for Cliser service and set JAVA-OPTION to
"-Xms512M -Xmx1024M", then restart Cliser service - the same error "not
enough memory to format".
After that I open Task Manager and saw that process javaw.exe is always
using about only 290Mb of RAM.

Then I tried run just XEP (not XEPWin). The process ended with error also.
And memory size used by java.exe process is also about 290Mb.
After that I run XEP with parameters -Xms512M -Xmx1024M in xep.bat file. The
process ended successfully. BUT memory used by java.exe procces was about

What do I wrong ?
Why -Xms -Xmx does not affected to XEPWin ?

My computer configuration is:
2Gb RAM, 250Gb free space on hdd, Core2Duo CPU 2.4Ghz, WinXP SP3 32bit.

I use last version XEPWin (april 2011) and Java VM Version 6 Update 25.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Alexander Dyuzhev

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