[xep-support] Tray switching inconsistent

From: <Michael.Ottoson@greenshield.ca>
Date: Mon Apr 11 2011 - 10:53:49 PDT

In one of our print jobs most statements are one duplex-page long but some occassionally go to a second-page (or more). The first page of a statement is printed on one stock and any accompanying pages are printed on different stock. Our printers are set up such that "white" is associated with the first stock and "blue" is associated the other. The colours, of course, are arbitrary names to distinguish the trays.

The way we currently handle this is to post-process the PostScript produced by XEP. We inject the following commands between %%BeginPageSetup and SafeSetPageDevice

%%PageMedia: Color Weight Type <</MediaColor(white)/MediaWeight 0/MediaType()>> setpagedevice

So a stream of pages would look something like this:
.. %%Page: 1 1 %%BeginPageSetup %%PageMedia: Color Weight Type <</MediaColor(white)/MediaWeight 0/MediaType()>> setpagedevice XEPPS_DocumentPageDevice SafeSetPageDevice %%EndPageSetup ... %%Page: 3 3 %%BeginPageSetup %%PageMedia: Color Weight Type <</MediaColor(blue)/MediaWeight 0/MediaType()>> setpagedevice XEPPS_DocumentPageDevice SafeSetPageDevice %%EndPageSetup ...

In our upcoming release we are seeking to move away from post-processing the PostScript, rather to modifty the XEPOUT and have have XEP inject the MediaColor. For the most part this works well:

XEPOUT snippet:
  <xep:page width="612000" height="792000" page-number="1" page-id="1">
    <?xep-postscript-page-device /InputAttributes <</MediaColor(white)/MediaWeight 0/MediaType()>>?>...
  <xep:page width="612000" height="792000" page-number="3" page-id="3">
    <?xep-postscript-page-device /InputAttributes <</MediaColor(blue)/MediaWeight 0/MediaType()>>?>

I copied the xep-postscript-page-device directive from another xep-support request. This produces PostScript that looks like this
%%Page: 1 1
XEPPS_DocumentPageDevice dup length dict copy
dup /InputAttributes <</MediaColor(white)/MediaWeight 0/MediaType()>> put
%%Page: 3 3
XEPPS_DocumentPageDevice dup length dict copy
dup /InputAttributes <</MediaColor(blue)/MediaWeight 0/MediaType()>> put

In both cases we inject the MediaColor only when necessary. That is we only add the "switch command" on page one, and thereafter only if "this page" is to be on different stock than "last page".

So here's our problem: Our current technique works fine. The technique used in the upcoming release behaves incorrectly. The first switch to "white" is ignored for that page. All subsequent and contiguous pages that should be "white" are correctly "white" Until we switch to "blue" The switch to "blue" always works correctly. But when we switch back to "white" it is again ignored for that page and all subsequent and contiguous "white" pages are correctly "white"

If a set of pages should be


instead it is B W W B B B W B B B B W W

As is probably apparent, I am not literate in PostScript. I can see the differences between what we do now and what XEP emits. But it works 100% of the time for "blue" and most of the time for "white" except for the first page of a set of contiguous "white".

Can anyone guide me on how to modify the XEPOUT to correct this?

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