[xep-support] Double quotes around Author name

From: Yas Etessam <yasisay@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Mar 24 2011 - 08:29:34 PST

Hi there,

I've set document properties on a PDF using the rx-meta element

        <rx:meta-field name="author" value="ACME Software, Inc."/>
        <rx:meta-field name="title" value="$xmDocumentTitle"/>

Looking at the output file in Acrobrat, the PDF properties are:

Author: "ACME Software, Inc."
Title: Solutions Guide

The Title looks good but I was surprised to see the double-quotes around the
author name. Is this expected behaviour? Does anyone know of a way to to
suppress the double quotes from being placed around the author name?



PC> I'm attempting to set a number of document of properties using the
PC> below. Everything works fine apart from the xep-pdf-linearize option
PC> I can get to work. To check this I am looking at the 'Fast web view'
PC> in the document properties summary.

PC> Can anyone advise?

PC> Thanks in advance

PC> Chris Parr

PC> <?xep-pdf-ownerpassword "chris"?>


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