[xep-support] Re: jre v1.6.0_24 not working with XEP

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Date: Thu Feb 24 2011 - 14:25:52 PST



We are working on some form of workaround . if you look here and backward
through this thread:




It is (in reality) a bug in Java 64-bit only. If you wish to ring me, I can
offer several alternatives to assist them (many are mentioned in that
thread). We are trying ourselves to patch things to get around the bug but
of course we can't patch Java (64bit only) which is where the problem lies.



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I'm the sys admin assisting a research users at UNC. So bear with since I'm
not a XEP user.

The end user updated to v4.18 after having errors all of a sudden but it
turns out it was us updating java to the latest version.

We are required to upgrade java asap from v1.6.0_21 to v1.6.0_24 due to some
serious security vulns.

This appears to have broken XEP no matter what we try.


My observation:

1) xen errors with nothing changed other than using java jre v1.6.0_24

   Attribute 'padding-bottom' cannot have a value of "".

2) If I specify full path the full java path
/usr/java/jre1.6.0_24/bin/java -jar lib/xep.jar .. then it works fine or at
least doesn't error.

3) Any other variant of command line fails with various errors. For
example $ /usr/bin/java -jar lib/xep.jar ..


Question is this a XEP bug?

User has a workaround by using jre v1.6.0_21 locally on her PC but ideally
like to get it working on our main centralized server.




# XEP command-line











"$JAVA_HOME/bin/java" \

        -classpath "$CP" \

        "-Dcom.renderx.xep.CONFIG=$XEP_HOME/xep.xml" \

        com.renderx.xep.XSLDriver "$@"


$ xep -fo $HOME/pdf/manual.fo -pdf $HOME/pdf/manual.pdf

(document [system-id file:/home/fishback/pdf/manual.fo]


    [error] Attribute 'padding-bottom' cannot have a value of "".

    [validation total: 1 error]

Parse error: Invalid XSL FO source 'file:/home/fishback/pdf/manual.fo': 1
error found during validation

Steven Fishback
System Administrator
Information Technology Services (ITS)
University of North Carolina-CH
CB #3420, ITS Manning, Rm 2508

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