[xep-support] Re: XEPWin unable to connect to Cliser service

From: Paul O'Brien <paul@acculink.com>
Date: Thu Feb 10 2011 - 10:34:01 PST

OK – I turned on logging and dropped a file in the hot folder. Here is the


Stopping Cliser service ...

Stopping servers ...

Stopping load balancer ...

1:27:18 PM

Starting Cliser service ...

JAVA-HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jre6



XEP-LICENSE=C:\Program Files\RenderX\XEPWin\xep\license.xml

XEP-CONFIG=C:\Program Files\RenderX\XEPWin\xep\xep.xml

XEP-JAR=C:\Program Files\RenderX\XEPWin\xep\lib\xep.jar

CLISER-JAR=C:\Program Files\RenderX\XEPWin\xep\lib\cliser.jar





Calculating Cliser ports ...

Starting servers ...

Starting java: -Xrs -Dcom.renderx.xep.CONFIG="C:\Program
Files\RenderX\XEPWin\xep\xep.xml" -Dcom.renderx.xep.LICENSE="C:\Program
Files\RenderX\XEPWin\xep\license.xml" -cp "C:\Program
Files\RenderX\XEPWin\xep\lib\xep.jar" com.renderx.xepx.cliser.Engine -port
6570 -hcport 6571

Starting load balancer ...

It appears to me that XEPWin is not communicating with the Cliser service at
all. Could there be a Registry entry left over from my original install?

Thanks again for your help,


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You can turn on logging and see what is wrong with your installation. Simply
uncomment LOG-FILE option in CliserService.exe.config and restart the Cliser


On Feb 9, 2011, at 7:05 PM, Paul O'Brien wrote:

After upgrading to XEPWin 3.0, I’m getting the following error when a
document is dropped in a hot folder:

Unable to connect to <name-of-my-computer>:6570 CLISER server

I have completely uninstalled XEPWin – deleting all legacy files – and
reinstalled. The Cliser service is started. Do I need to edit any of the
settings in CliserService.exe.config – they are all commented out.

Thank you for any assistance.


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