[xep-support] Error in the validate process

From: Tobias Hanning <tobias.hanning@interdoc.se>
Date: Tue Feb 01 2011 - 05:32:16 PST

Hi all,

I got problems with the validating process in a new server installation, I
got the same installation working in a 2003-server environment but it will
not work in a 2008-server environment, I get following error messages:

one time: [error] Attribute 'text-align-last' cannot have a value of "".
next time: [error] Attribute 'start-indent' cannot have a value of "".
and next time: [error] Attribute 'space-after' cannot have a value of "".
and so on ....

e.g. almost everytime I get different error messages (I also get the same
error messages when I use a correct fo-file as input, so it's not the
xml+xsl process that wrong). When I use the '-valid' flag in the command
prompt then it works as it should and the PDF-file is generated, so what is
the problem with the validation process in the 2008 environment? Can anybody
help me with this problem?

        Best regards Tobias


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