[xep-support] Use SVG wth CMYK

From: Anders Svensson <anders.svensson@expertinfo.se>
Date: Wed Dec 08 2010 - 06:01:13 PST



I am trying to figure out how to be able to use SVG with CMYK, as xep is
supposed to support. I found this post on the web from one of RenderXs
support technicians:



Hello Eliot,

I re-read the SVG spec and have realized that icc-color() cannot be the
first entry into a color specifier.
[ <http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/painting.html#SpecifyingPaint>

The first entry is a URL (gradient, pattern) or RGB color (as defined in
CSS2 spec).

So the 'fill' attribute in your example should look like:
fill="rgb(178.5,255,255) icc-color(#CMYK, 0.3,0,0,0)"

XEP 4.x includes colorbar.svg (images/colorbar.svg). 'icc-color' function is

used intensively in that file. :)

With best regards,
  Alexei Gagarinov



That sounds good, and I looked at the colorbar.svg example file. The problem
is, how do you actually create such files? I mean, there doesn’t seem to be
any support for it in Adobe Illustrator that I can find, and searching
Inkscape forums seems to suggest they don’t have any built-in support for
creating files like this either. So how are you supposed to create them?
Surely you are not meant to write the graphic files by hand? Specifically
what I need to do is save EPS files as SVG with this color profile in the
SVG file.


BTW, an image like colorbar.svg is only usable by xep (and other special
tools that support this function)? Because looking at it in IE (just for
reviewing) it doesn’t display as a color bar, only two black bars on each


Med vänliga hälsningar/Kind regards,


Anders Svensson


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