Re: [xep-support] Strange behavior when combining crop and background color

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 2010 - 07:44:29 PDT

On 09/10/2010 11:03 PM, Greg Baryza wrote:
> A few readers have written to me privately asking what I meant. My
> attempt at humor fell flat.

... not for me, Greg,
I was holding a pause waiting for a fix to be prepared and quick-tested.
I've just sent a patch file to try (to you and Krister), offlist.

> Version 4.18 was released in March of 2010. I was fishing to see when
> the next one would be. The "checkbook" reference was asking whether the
> next release would be another update to Version 4 or whether I would
> need to buy a Version 5 license.

The next release will be another update to XEP 4, not 5. Unfortunately,
I may not announce the schedule until we get to the very last week of
testing (which we have not reached yet).

Michael Sulyaev
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