Re: [xep-support] Different text alignment in one block

From: Bastian Kroll <>
Date: Wed Sep 01 2010 - 14:18:43 PDT

Hello Ken,
you are my master. Seems to be, that I have to buy your book. Normally I prefer german books...but in this case :)

Thanks for the hint with 0.5em. This will work better I think. And: I thought about leaders a time ago because I´m using this in other situations.
But now I get a problem with the new line for the author.

Please take a look at my fo-file, I get this pdf:

deabc def geh ijk lmnop......___36100 H

but when I´m adding a 'q' directly behind the p the text is moving to the next line. But there is enough space for the q. Whats wrong with my stylesheet?
deabc def geh ijk lmnopq....................__________
36100 H

<fo:root xmlns:fo=""><fo:layout-master-set><fo:simple-page-master margin-bottom="0.0mm" margin-left="0.0mm" margin-right="0.0mm" margin-top="0.0mm" master-name="one_column" page-height="200mm" page-width="43.5mm"><fo:region-body/></fo:simple-page-master></fo:layout-master-set><fo:page-sequence master-reference="one_column"><fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body"><fo:block-container line-height="7.5pt" font-size="7pt" hyphenate="true" language="de" background-color="transparent" left="0mm" position="absolute" top="0mm" width="43.5mm" height="200mm"><fo:block text-align="justify" text-align-last="justify"><fo:inline font-family="HelveticaNeue-Bold" keep-with-previous="always"><fo:inline hyphenate="true" hyphenation-character="">a_bold_text-​wiith_zero_width_space.​de</fo:inline></fo:inline><fo:inline font-family="HelveticaNeue-Roman">abc def geh ijk lmnop</fo:inline><fo:leader leader-pattern="dots" leader-length.minimum=".5em" keep-with-previous="always"/><fo:leader leader-pattern="use-content" leader-length.minimum=".5em" keep-with-next="always">_</fo:leader><fo:inline keep-together.within-line="always" font-family="HelveticaNeue-Bold" hyphenate="false">36100 H</fo:inline></fo:block></fo:block-container></fo:flow></fo:page-sequence></fo:root>

Thanks in advance and greetings from germany

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