RE: [xep-support] How to provide Stylesheetparameters when using FAIRY?

From: Karl Stubsjoen <>
Date: Fri Aug 20 2010 - 10:11:45 PDT



You cannot send stylesheet parameters in your FAIRY request. You will have
to send such types of parameters in the source xml and you will need to
modify your stylesheet(s) accordingly. There are a number of very realistic
possibilities though, including manipulating your xml source on the fly in
front of the FAIRY request, along with some very simple changes to your
stylesheets. Imagine you have the following xml structure:




... customer data here ...




Consider a dynamic process which adds parameters just in the root of the xml
source and using a custom namespace to isolate such parameters from the rest
of the document like this:



<parms:collection xmlns:parms="">

  <parms:parm name="the-date" value="2010-10-10"/>



... customer data here ...




Now your stylesheet change for the parameter value becomes:


<xsl:param name="the-date" select="//parms:parm[@name='the-date']"/>


Good luck!




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Subject: [xep-support] How to provide Stylesheetparameters when using FAIRY?


Dear support-team,


at the moment I am using RenderX´s FAIRY solution.

I have written a WebService-Client (actually in Java, Delphi and in
SAP/ABAP) to call FAIRY for rendering my XMLs to PDF.

Everything works perfectly, even specifying a stylesheet inside my XML in
order to let FAIRY do the XML-to-FO transformation.


My question is: How can I call FAIRY when there is a need for using
stylesheet parameters?


Kind regards

Friedrich Kirch
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