[xep-support] Is it possible to magnify an entire document?

From: Andy Black <andy_black@sil.org>
Date: Thu Aug 05 2010 - 14:11:28 PDT
I have a user who is writing a paper and wants to produce a "poster session" version of it.  The poster version needs to have enlarged font sizes for all parts of the document (so it will be visible from a distance when it is posted on a display board at a conference).

Now, with the typesetting tool TeX, it is possible to set the font sizes of all the components to values appropriate for each (e.g. section heads, text) and then one can tell it to magnify the size of the entire document so that all of the components are enlarged appropriately.  It even has a way to specify that the resulting page size should be limited to a particular value, say that the output should be limited to 8.5in by 11in with .5in margins all around.

Is there anything like this in XSL-FO and if so, does RenderX support it?  I was not able to find anything looking in documentation files.



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