[xep-support] Storing unwrapped program listings in PDF files

From: Jan Tošovský <j.tosovsky@gmc.net>
Date: Tue Jun 08 2010 - 23:58:40 PDT

Hello Everyone,

sometimes it is hard to avoid examples with long lines, so they are wrapped [1]. Such examples cannot be easily copied and pasted from PDF files without further editing. I am investigating if there is any possibility to embed the original unwrapped source code as some kind of metadata and using any JavaScipt functionality to retrieve it again by the user (e.g. by clicking on a special link above the code).

I can imagine XEP could store this code automatically (if it matches any criteria, probably any custom attribute on fo:block element) and also offer some extension for creating a link. Into the final PDF file the JavaScript code with appropriate functionality would be injected on the fly.

What do you think?
Or is it already possible homehow?


[1] wrap-option="wrap", hyphenate="true", hyphenation-character="&#x2192;"

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