[xep-support] How to Add XEP Options to Ant Task

From: Collins, Anthony Torrero <antorco@amazon.com>
Date: Mon Apr 26 2010 - 22:16:23 PDT

I know I can add processing options to the XEP.XML file for local builds. I'd like to add those same options to my xep ant task. Is there a general rule on applying processing options?

For example, I use the following option in my XEP.XML:

<option name="INITIAL_ZOOM" value="115%"/>

The XEP documentation lists the actual option as

<?xep-pdf-initial-zoom 115%?>

My intuition tells me I *should* be able to use the following in my ant task:

<xep in="somedoc.xml" out="somedoc2.pdf">

                ... other options

                <param name="INITIAL_ZOOM" expression="115%"/>
                ... other param entities


Is this accurate?

Anthony Torrero Collins

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