[xep-support] Installing otf-fonts

From: Szabo, Patrick \(LNG-VIE\) <patrick.szabo@lexisnexis.at>
Date: Thu Feb 11 2010 - 02:45:47 PST

I'm trying to install new fonts. (all *.otf files)
We're using XEP (3.8.4) with cocoon on a linux machine.
I found the install dir: /usr/local/XEP...there is a fonts.xml
When i look at this file there are already otfs installed:
 <font name="MSungStd-Light-Acro,Bold"
ttf="CIDFont/MSungStd-Light-Acro.otf" adobe-encoding="UniCNS-UCS2-H"
adobe-ordering="CNS1" adobe-supplement="1" embed="true">
                        <alias name="MSungStd-Bold"/>
                        <alias name="MSungStd-Light-Acro-Bold"/>

What is this CIDFont/ ?! (can't find a dir or something that's called
like this)
Where do i have to put the otf-files to ?! (which dir)
Thx already !
Best regards

Patrick Szabo

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