Re: [xep-support] ArialUni.afm file

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Tue Feb 09 2010 - 00:31:00 PST

Narapareddy, Raghava wrote:
> Currently I am using ArialUnicodeMS.ttf font in windows for check box display on PDF.
> I need equivalent Adobe Font Metrics file (.afm) in AIX server.
> Is there any conversion utilities available for True Type Font to Adobe Font Metrics file??

Hello Raghava,

Why would you need afm files in AIX? I am sure you know that you can
just copy ttf files, edit xep.xml and get the same results in any OS,
don't you?

If you really need afm files, then you most likely also need respective
pfa or pfb files with outlines.

If it comes to converting TrueType to Type1, I must say I really doubt
if any tool can generate Type1 metrics and outlines for all the glyphs
in ArialUnicodeMS.

An yet another point: check boxes are usually created with one of Adobe
Base 14 Type1 fonts. Please check is Symbol or ZapfDingbats suits your
needs (every distribution of XEP contains samples you may wish to check
in examples/charsets/).


Michael Sulyaev
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