Re: [xep-support] Requests for version 4.17

From: Andy Black <>
Date: Wed Jun 24 2009 - 16:25:36 PDT
On 6/24/2009 2:54 PM, Kevin Brown wrote:



1) I'm not sure which version you are talking about XEP or XEPWin.


But either have installers that run just by double clicking them. You must mean post-install configuration or something. Please expand (or email me directly at

I'm delighted to hear that you have such installers, but I have yet to see them.  Please tell me what I am missing.

I just went to the RenderX site and asked for a trial license.  It says I'll get an email.

When the email comes, it says

"Thank you for requesting a download of RenderX software. Your trial license key is attached to this e-mail. 

1) Save this file to your hard drive 
2) Visit 
3) Using the top form on this page, click the "browse" button and find the license key file you saved in step (1) 
4) Click the "update" button and a new browser window will open with links to download the requested software 
5) Download the appropriate zip files and unzip to a temporary location 
6) Installation instructions are included in each zip file "

Please note that this is now at least eight steps.

And, after downloading and unzipping, when one opens the readme.txt file, the instructions say:

2. Installation

 A. Ensure you have a Java VM  installed.  If you have multiple  VMs
    on your  computer, pick  one of them.  The  installation  wizard
    configures XEP to run  on  the  same  Java VM  that was used for
    setup; you can change this later.
 B. Run the setup from the jar file, using a Java VM of your choice.
    You  can run  the jar  by typing  the following  command  on the
      java -jar setup-4.15-20090409-personal.jar
    You will be prompted for the  target  directory name.  Type  the
    path in the edit box, or choose a directory by pressing "Browse"
    button.  You  can  also automatically  activate XEP  by pointing
    installer to your license file (you can perform activation later
    if you don't have your license file at hand during setup).
    You can also  run setup in console mode by adding '-c' switch to
    the command line:

      java -jar setup-4.15-20090409-personal.jar -c
    During the installation system copies all files to the specified
    location  and sets up necessary configuration files. "

Note that this makes it appear (to me at least) that there are several more steps:
1. Make sure you have a Java VM (my users will not have any idea what this means)
2. Open up a Windows console window (some of my users will know what this is)
3. Type in the "java -jar setup-4.15-20090409-personal.jar" command (or one can copy and paste if one knows how to do that in a Windows console window).

Once one does all these, the installer is indeed running.

Unfortunately, I fail to see where in all of this process it is possible to double-click on an installer.  In my experience, a typical installer on Windows has a file extension of either .msi or .exe, so maybe that's is part of what I am missing.  Please help me understand what you are referring to.  Thanks.


2) XEP (Java) includes XEP Assistant which can be used to directly edit the fonts configuration through a GUI.

Yes, this is what I was trying to refer to in my original message (point 2 below).  When I've tried to do this, I can browse to where my fonts are (C:\Windows\Fonts), but no font files show at all in the dialog.  I tried looking at the help file for XEP Assistant, but did not find anything (maybe it's there and I just missed it, though).


We can add such things to XEPWin either in the assistant or an separate application maybe.





From: [] On Behalf Of Andy Black
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Subject: [xep-support] Requests for version 4.17


(Starting a new thread with appropriate title)

I have two requests:

1. An installer that is quick and easy to use.  Currently, one needs someone who is computer-savvy in order to install XEP.  It really bothers me that when I want to tell someone about the abilities of XEP I always have to provide a caveat that it is really hard to install (something like 22 steps on a Windows system).

2. Related to this would be an ability to easily add fonts to XEP's configuration file (just navigate to where the font files are located, say, and select the ones you want).  Now one has to write XML or figure out how to use the Fonts section of the Edit Options in XEP Assistant (something I have yet to succeed in doing).



On 24 Jun 2009, at 15:47, Kevin Brown wrote:


Yes we have had a few requests for two-up continuous. It is on our product marketing requirements list for a future release. XEP 4.16 will be released shortly and after that we will begin the process of deciding which functionality makes it into 4.17.

I would welcome an open discussion on this forum if you like ... kind of a virtual product management meeting. We weigh the time to develop along with the demand and marketplace

Other items that have been offered in no particular order include:

PDF Annotations
Extended "graphic" support in PDF to include multimedia types (of course only valid for PDF Formats):
                Other video
SVG enhancements
Table markers
XPS Output
XPS Input as a image (actually this is already done at customers as they do XPS->XEPOUT and that is supported as an image)
PPML Output
XForms Output
Native support for charts or incorporation of a Chart Server component
Support for Indic languages

Of course, this is not a list of all things in 4.17, this is a list of candidate functionality. Certainly major features like table markers or a new backend one would find one, maybe two in a release that takes place every 4 to 5 months.

The disscussion is open to all. Please chime in with your own desired features, All these requirements are managed on an internal Wiki and I am the gatekeeper.

Kevin Brown
Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing
RenderX, Inc.
(650) 327-1000 Direct
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