[xep-support] External Links in generated PDF files does not behave as links in Acrobat Standard

From: Alejandro Masino <amasino@atsec.com>
Date: Wed Apr 15 2009 - 00:18:53 PDT

Hi all:

Is there any way in XSLFO + XEP to have the same behavior as in Acrobat
Standard (version 7.0) when an external link is added to text? For
example, if I add a link in Acrobat Standard, when I click the text the
external application associated with the file extension of the link file
is opened. However, if I add an external link as follows:

<fo:basic-link color="blue" text-decoration="underline"
external-destination="url(file:mydir/myfile.txt)">Please click

the myfile.txt is converted into PDF and then shown in a new Acrobat
window. This is transparent when external files have the pdf extension,
but conversion happens with .doc and .txt files (does not happen with
Excel sheets, though).

If I take the "file:" prefix, then the files are appended at the end of
the document in the same window.

The XEP guide clarifies in an external-destination footnote that:

    In PDF and PostScript generators, URLs starting with explicit
|"file:"| protocol specification are rendered as PDF-to-PDF links
("remote go-to actions"). All other links are treated as Internet URIs,
and open in a browser^

so I'm afraid this is a limitation in XEP. Is there a workaround for this?


Alejandro Fabio Masino
atsec information security
Visit our web-site at: www.atsec.com
@sec: the information security provider
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