Re: [xep-support] How to handle spacing between a block _within_ a list and the block _after_ the list

From: Jeffrey Thalhammer <>
Date: Wed Apr 01 2009 - 09:30:20 PST

> Hi Jeffrey,
> When you assign the space-after to the fo:list-item element, instead
> of
> the last <fo:block> element, this problem would be solved.
> See the attached file

Thanks for the quick reply, Henk. That does work indeed, but it
doesn't quite address the issue. This is a better example:

The design rule is about the spacing of blocks within the list-item,
not the list-item itself. So in this example, there is a single list-
item that contains two blocks. Each block has a space-after
attribute, but we would like the space after the second block to be
merged with the space-before on the block that follows the list. The
only solution that we've found is to set space-after=0 for the last
block within the last list-item. But this is a little problematic for
our transformation system, so I was hoping there was some built-in way
to resolve the spacing since the blocks *appear* adjacent in the
rendered document, even though they are not adjacent in the FO

Any thoughts?

Jeffrey Thalhammer

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