Re: [xep-support] invalid bytes

From: Earl Hood <>
Date: Thu Mar 26 2009 - 12:26:40 PST

On March 26, 2009 at 13:07, "Hamacher, Eric" wrote:

> I have a valid XML and a valid XSL file which I transformed into a FO
> using Saxon. However, XEP is stumbling on some characters like 0xa9
> (which is a copyright symbol) and giving the following output. How can I
> instruct XEP to handle these bytes? Thanks.
> C:\XEP>xep -valid -fo c:\temp\XXXXXXXX_fo.xml -pdf
> c:\temp\XXXXXXXX_pdf.pdf
> (document [system-id file:/c:/temp/XXXXXXXX_fo.xml]
> [error] Fatal parse error: file:/c:/temp/XXXXXXXX_fo.xml: : invalid
> UTF-8 byte
> (check the XML declaration) (code: 0xa9)
> )
> Parse error: invalid UTF-8 byte (check the XML declaration) (code: 0xa9)

I believe 0xa9 is an invalid UTF-8 byte when the preceding byte does
not have a 1 in the high-order bit. I.e. 0xa9 cannot be the first
byte of a UTF-8 sequence.

Did you validate the FO data itself?

Check your XSLT output declaration to determine if the output-encoding
is in sync with the output xml declaration.

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