Re: [xep-support] Re: Image scaling

From: Alexei Gagarinov <>
Date: Tue Dec 09 2008 - 22:00:08 PST

Hi Mark,

> <fo:block line-height="0pt">
> <fo:external-graphic
> content-width="scale-to-fit" content-height="scale-to-fit"
> scaling="non-uniform" scaling-method="resample-any-method">
> ...

You should set the viewport's area using @width and @height attributes
on the fo:external-graphic element.

If @width and @height are omitted then they are treated as 'auto' and it
means that viewport's area equals to the intrinsic size of the graphic.

And what you do is scaling the intrinsic size of the image to the ...
yeah, to the same value.

So, in order to scale the graphics width to a table cell, you need the
<fo:external-graphic width="100%" content-width="scale-to-fit" src="...">

But you cannot scale the image's height to an arbitrary block (a table
cell in your example) using a percentage value because the height of
this block depends of its content.
So you should know the height of the surrounding box ahead and specify
this length as a value of @height on fo:external-graphic.

   Alexey Gagarinov

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