Re: [xep-support] Problem with xinclude?

From: Dave Pawson <>
Date: Wed Nov 26 2008 - 02:49:50 PST

2008/11/26 Thomas Christensen <>:

> Should I just go for docbook 5.0? Does that remove the pain with using
> xincludes with dtds (no validation)?
> Thomas

It won't help.
You need to process your xIncludes prior to further processing.
I might call it a 'pre-processing' step? Almost part of the parser.

I use ant with the step

 <target name="xinclude" >
    <echo>Expand Xincludes </echo>
    <exec executable="/usr/bin/xmllint" failonerror='true'>
      <arg value="-o"/>
      <arg value="tmp.xml"/>
      <arg value="--xinclude"/>
      <arg value="${main.infile}"/>

or from the command line
$xmllint -o tmp.xml --xinclude Yourfile.xml


Dave Pawson
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