Re: [xep-support] white spaces

From: G. Ken Holman <>
Date: Fri Nov 14 2008 - 06:23:14 PST

At 2008-11-14 06:02 +0100, Lily Galle wrote:
>Thank you very much for your answers. But maybe
>I did not wrote my questions clearly enough.
>Your answer are only for the white spaces which are regular.

Forgive me for expressing myself poorly, for I
did not mean to imply that. My answers give you
complete control over how much vertical and horizontal white-space you need.

>I need white spaces, whose position and length are not regular.

Right ... and with the controls I mentioned you
get to make each one however you wish.

>I wrote my question again:
>I use €œXEP€.

I assumed that ... but XEP implements XSL-FO and
I am advising on the XSL-FO to use.

>I would like put some white space between the Words. Like following:
> She likes to have pears.
>The spaces between the words are not regular. In
>my DocBook €œmyDocBook.xml€ I wrote the code like €œ&#x20€ and it failed.

Correct, because space characters are collapsed
according to XSL-FO ... which is why I suggested
you use <fo:leader>. The white-space created by
a leader is not collapsed in the same way that
character white-space is collapsed.

>How to put a white space at the beginning of a line?
>I need this irregularly: some lines have white
>spaces at the beginning, some do not have.

How are you specifying this in your
XML? Translate that construct into <fo:leader>

>I need very often to produce some white spaces
>between two lines. The only way I found out in
>€œXEP€ is: <literallayout> </literallayout>

That is awkward, but it does not require custom
interpretation of DocBook. If you want custom
control, then you have to either modify DocBook
or modify the interpretation of DocBook. For
example, I have often overloaded DocBook elements
by using the role= attribute and then interpreted
constructs with role= in custom ways.

>Are there some other ways to produce white
>spaces between two lines in XEP? (The position
>and the length of the white spaces are not regular.)

For vertical space use space-before= .. for
horizontal space use <fo:leader> ... my advice
hasn't changed. Those are the ways to do it in
XSL-FO, so those are the ways to do it in
XEP. Perhaps someone else on the list who knows
DocBook better than I do can help you with
DocBook constructs that can do this without the customization.

>Thanks for any help!

Good luck!

. . . . . . . . . Ken

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