[xep-support] XEP compared to FOP 0.94

From: Philippe Nobili <philippe.nobili@cggveritas.com>
Date: Mon Aug 04 2008 - 00:29:29 PDT

We have just installed a personal version of XEP to evaluate whether it
is worth investing in it for publishing our DocBook/XML documents in PDF
; we currently perform our printed document generation using FOP (0.94)
from the XML authoring tool XMLMind. There are a couple of things that
XEP does obviously better or simply supports: floats, better page
breaks, better space reservation, etc etc

*But*, they are a couple of fundamental features that surprisingly do
not seem to work, or do not work as well as with FOP:

- SVG images are not correctly handled: the text is sometime missing,
the integrated bitmaps if any are always missing
- PNG image resolution is odd: we sometime end up with very small
images in printed outputs, whereas with FOP our image size is similar in
HTML and PDF (we never specify image scales in our XML documents, we
rather resize them outside for an optimal rendering both on HTML and
printed documents).
- Transparent PNG images are not correctly processed; the transparent
part is replaced by a solid black area

Without these, it would not make sense for us to switch to XEP; are
these problems known ? could they be due partly to the way XEP is
invoked from our side ? (through the ad-hoc XMLMind addon) ?

Thanks for any hints.


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