Re: [xep-support] ditype

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Thu May 08 2008 - 03:09:35 PDT

Dave Pawson wrote:
> I give up :-)

Hello Dave, please do not give up, it must be simple.
I've got an FC8 (virtual) up and running, installed DiType there,
started it and formatted a document. Without any issue. Nothing like the
python socket trouble you've reported.

I'll give you access to my machine (off-list) and I am certain to make
it work on yours.

First of all, after bin/ditype-server start there must appear two
processes ($I is where DiType is installed):
$I/env/bin/python $I/lib/pi/ditype/ -c $I/etc/ditype.conf
$I/lib/lambda /tmp/lambda8aOraww

(If that's not true, edit bin/ditype-server to collect logs (where the
'start' options does nohup ... >/dev/null))

Next, I'll send you a copy of pure C ditype client which may replace
your python-based default one.

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