Re: [xep-support] ditype

From: Victor <>
Date: Fri May 02 2008 - 04:52:42 PDT

Hello Dave,

> $ bin/ditype-server start
> $ bin/ditype -H localhost -d -i fo -f pdf -s /sgml/fo/
> error: '_socket.socket' object has no attribute 'recv_into'
> No debug output, and a (Python??) error.
> Any suggestions please

It looks like a bug, thanks for noticing. If can try to run it like this:

DITYPEDIR/env/bin/python DITYPEDIR/lib/pi/ -f pdf /sgml/fo/

Alternatively, you can replace the DITYPE_DIR, with the actual path to you
ditype installation, in the following script, and use it to launch ditype:



$python $client $*


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