[xep-support] Orphaned words within a paragraph

From: Simon Dingle <sdingle@limehousesoftware.co.uk>
Date: Wed Mar 19 2008 - 04:25:48 PST



I have an image which has a caption below it. The image is centered
within the page column, as is the caption.

My .fo currently looks like this:-

line-height-shift-adjustment="disregard-shifts" orphans="3"
text-align="justify" widows="3">



<fo:table-column column-width="proportional-column-width(1)"/>

<fo:table-column column-width="82.55mm"/>

<fo:table-column column-width="proportional-column-width(1)"/>





<fo:block orphans="3" widows="3">

<fo:external-graphic content-height="61.38mm" content-width="79mm"
id="d13613e5661" scaling="non-uniform" src="url(file:///S:

<fo:block font-size="10pt" keep-with-previous.within-column="always"
keep-with-previous.within-page="always" space-after="5pt"
space-before="5pt" text-align="center">Picture 13.1 Community Evaluation
of Design Alternatives</fo:block>










In the resulting .pdf the last word of the caption, 'Alternatives',
appears on a line by itself.

I have tried using the widows and orphans attributes to no avail; I
understand that in xep they are designed to deal with page-breaks

One definition of orphans that I have found:-

'If a paragraph has 5 full lines of text and one word on the sixth line,
that last word is referred to as an "orphan".'


So my question is how can I have control over this type of orphan?


Kind Regards,








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