[xep-support] Problems with SVG images

From: Els van Trigt <evtrigt@ambrac.nl>
Date: Mon Mar 17 2008 - 02:12:43 PST

Dear XEP support,


(I sent this message twice, but apparently it did not get through - due to
enclosed files/included SVG's?)


We encountered 2 different problems concerning SVG files (dependent on the
way they were/are created):

1) When we want to render SVG files of type 1, we get a black
background. (The SVG looks OK in IE and in Inkscape.)

2) When we want to render SVG files of type 2, the texts have
disappeared (also in IE and in Inkscape), though they are in the file within
<tspan> elements.


Add 1: I've looked at the (old)
http://www.renderx.net/lists/xep-support/2233.html suggestion, but this did
not work; the black background remained. Are there other options?


Add 2: (This file type was created by exporting to SVG from InDesign) In the
XEP reference manual I read the following:

"Character-by-character placement and rotation in text elements are not
supported. If an array is used in x, y, dx, dy, or rotate attributes of
<text> or <tspan> element, only the first number is considered."

Does this mean nothing can be done about it or are there any other
(automatic) options?


We are looking forward to receiving an answer to both questions, as both
sorts of SVGs keep occurring in our XEP XML-PDF rendering process!


Thanks in advance!

Els van Trigt,

Ambrac Information Management

 <http://www.ambrac.nl> www.ambrac.nl


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