[xep-support] Vertical alignment of inlinemediaobject

From: Peter Keung <pke@ez.no>
Date: Thu Feb 21 2008 - 17:11:20 PST

I've tried all sorts of combinations of alignment-baseline, alignment-
adjust, baseline-shift, relative-align, vertical-align, display-
align, etc.

What I want for inline image alignment is this, which seems to be the
default in FOP 0.24:

  +-+ Blahhhh, Blahhh, Blahhh, Blahhh, Blahhh,
   | |
  + +

In XEP, I get this:

   | |
  +-+ Blahhhh, Blahhh, Blahhh, Blahhh, Blahhh,

Basically, I want the image to output from the top down, aligned with
the top of the text with XEP. Is this possible?
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