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From: harvey <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 2008 - 13:30:01 PST


I thought there was an easy answer for this question but I am not sure,
there maybe a bug in RenderX. How are you encoding the character? I
did a quick test just to make sure I would give you the right answer.

What I found is that the UNICODE character entity (&#x212B;) creates the
character when using the <rx:bookmark> construct but not in the body.

However, the binary UNICODE character gets represented in both both fonts,
as does the ASCII character entity (&#197;).

I tried an experiment with 3 character encodings. The input is:


The resulting FO file shows:


In the PDF bookmark all three characters show as but only the &#197
character gets represented in the PDF file.



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> Hi all,
> Perhaps someone can help me with a problem I am having with RenderX. I
> am rendering a document which contains some symbols such as the angstrom
> symbol using RenderX. I am using a Times New Roman font. However, some
> of the characters are coming up in the rendered document as empty
> rectangles and not the symbol I would expect to see.
> Any suggestions on how to work around this issue?
> Steve Owens
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