Re: [xep-support] Actinia occasionally not processing files, no error reported

From: Khachik Kocharyan <>
Date: Tue Jan 22 2008 - 00:44:33 PST

> We have an instance of Actinia running in conjunction with a
> PostScript XEP engine. Every so often a file will start to be
> processed (moved to the quarantine folder), and then abandoned (not
> processed any further). Subsequently, other FOs continue to be
> processed with no intervention. We have our logging set to catch
> 'errors', but nothing is reported. Has anyone encountered this
> issue before? Thanks!


you can set the 'log-level' option 'all' to get more info. Also, log
file specified in 'log-path' option should be created before starting
Actinia - it doesn't create log files. Or you can start Actinia
without 'log-path' option, in that case it writes log messages to the
standard error.


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