Re: [xep-support] Multiple regions in a Page

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Fri Nov 23 2007 - 05:55:46 PST

Somanna Ramaiah wrote:
> my requirement is to get multiple flow and multiple regions in a Page.
> I m using Rendex XEP 4.10 and jre to transform XSL-FO to PDF
> [error] There can be only one 'fo:region-body' element inside
> 'fo:simple-page-master'.
> [error] There can be only one 'fo:flow' element inside
> 'fo:page-sequence'.

Hello Somanna,

XEP 4 provides partial support for XSL1.1, and multiple regions and
flows (this feature is known as flow maps) is not among supported features.

Flow maps are supported in DiType which is still under development. And
from your error log I suppose you are trying a sample issue of 'The
RenderX Tribune', which is an example for DiType (not for XEP 4) and
uses flow maps.

May I ask you to provide more details about your request (unless you are
just checking all XSL1.1 features): what is the real-world example you
need flow-maps for?

Best regards,
Michael Sulyaev	
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