RE: [xep-support] Word like Tables

From: Owens, Stephen P <>
Date: Mon Nov 19 2007 - 12:11:28 PST

Thanks Ken,

I actually raised the question because I didn't see these properties
listed in the specs. I was hoping that either there was some other
technique to use, such as setting border style properties on a
table-cell and maybe doing something interesting with cell padding and
table backgrounds or something.

Failing that, I was hoping someone had an extension to handle these

Best Regards,


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At 2007-11-19 14:06 -0500, Owens, Stephen P wrote:
>Does anyone know how to render thin-thick-thin or thick-thin-thick
>borders like the kind that MS Word is able to print?

The specifications describe the standardized border styles in

which refers to:

which enumerates the available styles as:

which does not include the patterns you are looking for.

I do not know if vendors offer other styles as extension values. If
they do, they would be found in another extension attribute and one
would use a standardized value for the standardized attribute as a
fallback value.

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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