[xep-support] Scaling of images

From: Daragh Pender <Daragh.Pender@fastsearch.com>
Date: Tue Oct 16 2007 - 19:19:05 PDT

Hi - I am trying to implement the image scaling customization as
described at http://www.renderx.com/usecasestest.html
I have cut and pasted the code below into my ...
\Customization\fo\xsl\custom.xsl file

        <xsl:template match="image">
         <fo:block line-height="1pt">
         <fo:external-graphic content-width="scale-to-fit"
content-height="100%" width="100%" scaling="uniform">
         <xsl:attribute name="src">url(<xsl:value-of select="@src"/>)

However, when I build it fails to find any of the graphics.....in the fo
file I get this for the source of the graphic: src="url()&#xA;"
What am I missing here ? - how do I tell it to keep the original src
value for each graphic and just change the other attributes ?

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