Re: [xep-support] can the < > symbols be replaced with &lt; and &gt;

From: Dave Pawson <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 2007 - 01:10:01 PDT

On 14/10/2007, Jerry Janofsky <> wrote:

> No, you are wrong, you said exactly what I wanted to hear, that is, after I
> got passed the momentary feeling of being insulted.

He's not normally grumpy, honest :-)

> I think you gave me the solution by saying, " did you consider
> the cell-based row-grouping strategy instead of the row-based
> row-grouping strategy and just use the starts-row= and ends-row=". I didn't
> know that existed and believe it might be the answer to my problem.

You focussed on the solution to todays problem. The higher level one
that he offered is possibly more important?

I tell my students "if you think you need disable-output-escaping,
then think again because you probably don't and you definitely shouldn't".

XML is balanced. In our years of using XSLT, there is nearly always
a way of using XSLT in a 'balanced' way.

The idea that I found most useful was to stop thinking in 'start' and 'end'
markup and start thinking in 'nodes' (which are balanced).
   some content

Even if the 'node' is a table row, a table or even a cell.


Dave Pawson
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