[xep-support] SVG <linearGradient> support

From: Richard Simms <richard.simms@kodak.com>
Date: Fri Oct 05 2007 - 11:26:15 PDT

Does anyone know if the <linearGradient> SVG element is supported in
For example, the following should result in a rectangle with a gradient
fill but it is actually producing a rectangle with a white fill. Is
there an alternative to <linearGradient>?
  <polygon fill="#FFFFFF" points="352.754,120.972 352.754,123
87.652,178.809 87.652,176.781"/>
    <linearGradient id="XMLID_11_" gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse"
x1="1.6641" y1="131.0337" x2="352.7544" y2="131.0337">
     <stop offset="0.0337" style="stop-color:#8E8E8E"/>
     <stop offset="0.073" style="stop-color:#FFFFFF"/>
     <stop offset="0.1292" style="stop-color:#797979"/>
     <stop offset="0.191" style="stop-color:#0B0B0B"/>
     <stop offset="0.2584" style="stop-color:#636363"/>
     <stop offset="0.309" style="stop-color:#000000"/>
     <stop offset="0.3652" style="stop-color:#5F5F5F"/>
     <stop offset="0.4045" style="stop-color:#FFFFFF"/>
     <stop offset="0.4663" style="stop-color:#000000"/>
     <stop offset="0.5393" style="stop-color:#7F7F7F"/>
     <stop offset="0.5843" style="stop-color:#EAEAEA"/>
     <stop offset="0.6461" style="stop-color:#797979"/>
     <stop offset="0.7079" style="stop-color:#000000"/>
     <stop offset="0.764" style="stop-color:#6A6A6A"/>
     <stop offset="0.809" style="stop-color:#D3D3D3"/>
     <stop offset="0.8652" style="stop-color:#737373"/>
     <stop offset="0.9157" style="stop-color:#0E0E0E"/>
     <stop offset="0.9719" style="stop-color:#515151"/>
    <polygon fill="url(#XMLID_11_)" points="352.754,120.972
87.652,176.781 1.664,125.149 237.734,85.286"/>
    <polygon fill="#FFFFFF" points="87.652,176.781 87.652,178.809
1.664,127.177 1.664,125.149"/>
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