[xep-support] fo:change-bar with lists

From: Momadou FAYE <momadou.faye@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Sep 13 2007 - 10:32:26 PDT

Hello xep-support community,

I'm experiencing some problems with change bars :

I have a document that uses fo:change-bar tags
to mark an area displaying data with a list-item structure.

The PDF file, generated with XEP v4.10, shows change
bars in the left margin, facing the modified area.

My problem is that sometimes no change bars are
visible for the children elements of list-items.

This looks like a previously reported issue about change-bars :

 From: Sergey Groznyh

Date: Fri Mar 25 2005 - 21:33:04 PST

Hello Jim,

*> Could somebody from RenderX clarify this situation and, if I'm doing *
*> something wrong, tell me how to correct it. If XEP 4.2 does not, in fact,
*> support the change-bar-begin/-end elements "everywhere", is there some *
*> guess about when a version that does support that capability might show
up? *

There was a bug regarding change-bars processing in lists, it's already
fixed and the fix will be included into upcoming 4.3 release of XEP,
along with the nessessary changes in FO validation stylesheet to allow
change-bars almost anywhere in flow.


Sergey Groznyh
Is this problem relevant to the "almost anywhere in the flow" exceptions,
and still applicable for XEP v4.10 ?
If the answer is yes, are there any fixes planned for the next release of
Best regards,
Momadou FAYE
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