[xep-support] Problem with ArialMT font in SVG from Illustrator

From: Tobias Hanning <tobias.hanning@interdoc.se>
Date: Tue Sep 11 2007 - 04:22:33 PDT

Hello xep-support,

I have a problem to define that correct font to be used, my problem is SVG
file that has been exported from Illustrator has for example "Arial-BoldMT"
as font-family. So how should I write in the xep.xml file that the correct
font is used? I get it to work for the normal font (but not for bold, italic
and bolditalic) with this:
  <font-family name="Arial" embed="true" subset="true">
      <font-data ttf="arial.ttf"/>
    <font style="oblique">
      <font-data ttf="ariali.ttf"/>
    <font weight="bold">
      <font-data ttf="arialbd.ttf"/>
    <font weight="bold" style="oblique">
      <font-data ttf="arialbi.ttf"/>
  <font-alias name="ArialMT" value="Arial"/>

All help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

        / Tobias

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