Re: [xep-support] Bidi LRM (left-to-right-mark) glyph appears in PDF

From: G. Ken Holman <>
Date: Tue Sep 04 2007 - 08:25:53 PDT

At 2007-09-04 15:36 +0100, jim quest wrote:
>I am creating Arabic documents. When I use LRM (left-to-right-marks)
>in my FO file, and compose PDF using xep4, I get in my PDF document
>a visible glyph (a thin bar topped with an arrow pointing right).
>However, this glyph should be invisible, as it is any browsers, and
>also when viewing text with this character in Word documents, using
>the same font.
>Why is this glyph visible in PDFs creating using XEP? any ideas to
>suppress this?
>The unicode of this character is 200E
>I am using Arial or any other font that supports Arabic glyphs.

Rather than using explicit LRM marks, have you considered just using
the XSL-FO bidi formatting objects? As I understand it, the FO
design is sufficient for most publishing needs such that applications
do not need to inject such marks at all. In my use of these object
in my classroom examples there are no visible marks.

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . Ken

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