Re: [xep-support] Hyphenation issues with various languages

From: Alexei Gagarinov <>
Date: Mon Aug 20 2007 - 15:06:04 PDT

Hi Hua,

> (2) Do we need to do something in FO file?

Yes, and this is the required thing you should to do:

set the XSL-FO 'language' attribute on a block or an inline with text.

You should also turn on the 'hyphenate' property, of course

> (1) How does the values in @codes work with XEP processor?

The 'language' attribute you have set will be find within @codes.
The matching @codes will give you the hyphenation file for the text
(i.e. a specific hyphenation for the text).

<fo:block hyphenate="true" language="ru">Some long text here<fo:block>
<fo:block hyphenate="true" language="rus">Some long text here<fo:block>

will give you the Russian hyphenation.

<fo:block hyphenate="true" language="fr">Some long text here<fo:block>
<fo:block hyphenate="true" language="fra">Some long text here<fo:block>

will give you the French hyphenation.

> It seems to us that hyphenation defaults to English behavior

The default value of 'none' for XSL-FO @language attribute will
match the pattern for US English hyphenation:

<language name="English (US)" codes="none en-US eng-US">
  <hyphenation pattern="hyphen.tex" />

> Could you take a look at our xep.xml configuration file (attached)
> and see if they are properly set up?

The xep.xml is configured properly.

Just set the appropriate language somewhere within an XSL-FO file.

The @language attribute can be set on the fo:root element and will
affect on all text.

Best regards,
  Alexei Gagarinov

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